A Nemzeti Fenntartható Fejlődési Tanács Elnöksége 2016. március 17-i ülésének határozata értelmében a Tanács soron következő ülését 2017. május 25-én, csütörtökre, 10 órai kezdettel tartotta a Parlament Gobelin Termében.
The basis of a society’s material growth is economic resources: physical capital, financial capital as storage and transmitter of value, technological knowledge in the form of intellectual property and know-how, and built environment.
Moral norms and values, relationships and trust between individuals, as well as organizations, institutions, cultural activities and cultural heritage make up the social resources of a nation. Social capital is the result of historical development, therefore its quality is largely determined by the relation of individuals and organizations to the crucial stages of this development (national history), as well as to the intellectual and material recollections (cultural heritage).

Ecosystem services provided by natural resources are direct and indirect benefits for society, produced by natural and human-regulated ecosystems. Amongst the benefits are provisioning services (food, animal feed, raw material), natural cycle regulating services (climate stabilization, pollination, flood control), supporting services (nutrient cycling, soil formation), and cultural services (recreation, education, art inspiration).

The National Council for Sustainable Development (NCSD) held its first board meeting this year in the Parliament’s Tisza Kálmán Room on 6th April 2017.



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