About the European Sustainability Week


The Sustainability Week – that had already had long standing national traditions in a number of European countries including France and Germany – became a Europe-wide (European Sustainability Development Week) initiative in 2015 to raise public awareness about organizations, activities and initiatives related to sustainability in order to facilitate personal participation for people through their communities rather than presenting them with plain scientific facts about sustainability issues.
This initiative is supported by the European Sustainable Development Network. In Hungary, the National Council for Sustainable Development (NCSD) is responsible for national coordination. (More information: http://www.esdw.eu/).
The Sustainability Week involves a wide range of events throughout Europe including science conferences and family programmes.
As the national coordinator, NCSD registers and publishes organizations and programmes on its website where visitors may learn about sustainability programmes organized in the first week of June all around Hungary.
The Sustainability Week is closely linked to the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDG) ratified last autumn.

All programmes in Europe intend to promote the 17 goals about which further information is available in Hungarian at the following websites: