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null Hungary’s Voluntary National Review on the implementation of sustainable development goals is available for download

It has been over two years since the adoption of the international Sustainable Development Goals (SGD). Hungary has too prepared its Voluntary National Review on its efforts made so far to achieve the SDGs and it is now available for download in English at the following link:

NCSD once again invites civil delegate candidates

Registration for the selection procedure of the new civil delegates of the National Council for Sustainable Development is now open via this  link on NCSD’s website.

On November 16 2018, in the Parliament, the representatives of national civil organizations will select two of the present and previously correctly registered candidates of each of the following civil organizations to become members of the NCSD:

  • Education and culture
  • Social strata and age groups
  • Social and health issues


Established 10 years ago, the National Council for Sustainable Development works as an advisory body to the Hungarian National Assembly. Delegated by organizations dedicated to promoting sustainable development and mandated for a term of four years, the NCSD’s members are delegates of the representative groups of Parliamentary parties, the Government, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, economic chambers, churches, trade unions, employers’ organisations, associations of local governments, the Hungarian Rectors’ Conference, organizations of national and ethnic minorities and national civil organizations.

As members of the NCSD, the delegates of civil organizations can actively and effectively determine the Council’s operations and work schedule, can participate in working groups and workshops and affect the implementation of the National Framework Strategy on Sustainable Development. Additionally, they can be involved in the assessment of the sustainability aspects of government strategies and programmes, can make proposals regarding areas connected to sustainable development and can be engaged in the national representation of sustainability values.

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