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The Net Zero Advisory Board created

Marking an important milestone in the fight against climate change in Hungary, the Net Zero Advisory Board was established on Monday bringing together a number of renowned experts from Hungary. The cross-sectional advisory body consists of the representatives of the Hungarian industry, chambers of commerce and associations as well as business leaders and was set up at the initiative of the British Embassy and the Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary (BCSDH). The main aim of the board is to promote, accelerate the transition of the Hungarian economy to reach carbon neutrality by 2050, making an important step to help stop climate change. Members of the Net Zero Advisory Board include Gábor Bartus, NFFT’s secretary, Zsombor Barta, NFFT’s staff member and HUGBC’s chair and Csaba Kőrösi, NFFT’s member and director of the Directorate for Environmental Sustainability at the President’s Office.

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