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The NFFT starts a new video series titled Table Reserved/Sustained

The NFFT launches a new video series called Table Reserved/Sustained.
The videos are planned to include a series of informal conservations between the NFFT’s secretary, dr. Gábor Bartus, environmental economist and a guest on the various aspects of sustainability.
His first guest is dr. Márton Medgyesi economist, sociologist, researcher, external lecturer at the Corvinus University.

These videos will be available with English subtitles on the NFFT’s website shortly.

Every generation tries to build better living conditions for themselves than their ancestors’, which implies not only the exploitation of the natural resources but also has a social aspect.
What tools do welfare states have and what adverse impacts these have on present and future generations?
How does the pension system affect fertility rates?
These are some of the questions the first session of the Table Reserved/Sustained will address.

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