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The International Development Cooperation Strategy of the Hungarian government is being renewed this year, with the preparatory work performed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Based on the NFFT’s recommendation, the implementation of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (adopted in September 2015 as part of the 2030 Agenda) in Hungary is carried out in two different paths: national actions are coordinated through the National Framework Strategy on Sustainable Development while the international sustainable development cooperation activities are coordinated through the International Development Cooperation Strategy (NEFE). Accordingly, one of the pillars of the NEFE2025...

The ESDN Conference 2019 (European Sustainable Development Network) is to be held on 30th-31st October in Helsinki this year. Its title is „Towards a Sustainable Europe 2030 – From Reflection to Action”.

Co-organised by the Finnish Prime Minister’s Office, the Conference was aimed at bringing together sustainable development policy-makers and experts from different stakeholder groups from all over Europe. One of the speakers at the conference is Finland’s prime minister, Antti Rinne.

The Zöldgömb Festival will take place for the third time on Sunday, October 27 2019.

The event is hosted by  Földgömb magazine under the patronage of Dr. János Áder, President of the Republic of Hungary.

The National Council for Sustainable Development will be a professional sponsor of this year’s Green Globe Festival. The NFFT’s secretary, dr. Gábor Bartus will deliver a speech titled “Sustainability and/or prosperity”.

The German Green and Sustainable Finance Cluster and Climate Kic will organise a conference on sustainable finance in Frankfurt, on October 16 2019. Gábor Bartus, the NFFT’s secretary will attend the event.

Due to complex interrelations of global economic processes, it is necessary to bring innovative forces and responsibilities from the financial sector, investing public, politics and civil society all together. 

Gábor Bartus, the NFFT’s secretary will attend the award ceremony of BCSDH’s “For a Sustainable Future” prize as member of the jury panel.

Speakers at the award ceremony will include René Schmidpeter [director of the Center for Advanced Sustainable Management (CASM), secretary general of the World Institute of Sustainability and Ethics (WISE)] and the senior management of companies using large amounts of water (Dandelion, Grundfos, Heineken, Szentkirályi) will talk about water as the basis of efficient climate adaptation.


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