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The fourth European Sustainability Week has been successfully completed. As previously, Hungary participated in the event this year again, which offered 36 different programmes for the attendants to choose from. Each region within Hungary organized their own programme focusing on various aspects of sustainability. Community events continue to be the most popular components but this year’s programme included several exhibitions, sports events and eco-art workshops as well.
At its meeting on April 24 2018, the Fiscal Council discussed the issue of sustainability. The speakers at the meeting included the representatives of the Hungarian Audit Office and the Hungarian Central Bank in addition to Csaba Kőrösi, the director of environmental sustainability at the President’s Office and Gábor Bartus, NCSD’s secretary as guest presenters.

The 28th National Meeting of Environmental Protection and Nature Conservation Civil Organisations will take place in the village of Kalotaszentkirály-Zentelke in Transylvania between April 12 and 15.

NCSD’s secretary, Gábor Bartus will deliver a presentation named “Tourists Go Home – is tourism sustainable? within the professional forum “Tourism and Sustainability” of the four-day meeting.

NCSD’s Secretariat organises a professional discussion for the previous Hungarian participants of the European Sustainable Development Week in the Office Building of the National Assembly on March 23. The goal of the meeting is to offer an opportunity for the previous organisers to exchange their experiences and to ensure the most successful organisation of this year’s European Sustainable Development Week.

The opening speech of the meeting will be delivered by Zoltán Molnár, NCSD’s board member. After the discussion, the participants will visit the Parliament in a guided tour.

The Regional Forum on Sustainable Development of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) hosted a two-day international conference on March 1 and 2 2018 at the International Conference Centre Geneva.  In addition to the government delegates, Hungary was represented by dr. Gábor Bartus, NCSD’s secretary.

The Regional Forum on Sustainable Development (RFSD) follows up on and reviews the implementation of the sustainable development goals defined in the 2030 Agenda in the UNECE region. To achieve the most successful implementation, RFSD works to ensure the exchange of best practices and hands-on knowledge through a range of international platforms.

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