National Framework Strategy on Sustainable Development (NFSSD)

The National Framework Strategy on Sustainable Development is putting the sustainability goals into a Hungarian context and shapes them into Hungarian conditions. The basic task for the development of a sustainable society is the preservation and enhancement of national resources. Four main resources are therefore outlined in the NFSSD.

The human resources concentrates on a stable and healthy population, meeting the challenges of elderly people with skills and knowledge. Within this, the medium term goal is to increase the number of births and reducing mortality, and long-term the stabilization of the population is of high priority.

Goal of the social resources NFSSD part is to create a sustainable culture with positive values, moral norms and attitudes. Strengthening the social values for employment and family values is the focus criteria, further cultivating the heritage of the past and developing cultural services.

Goal of the environmental resources is to increase biodiversity and renewable natural resources protection, reducing environmental impacts on people. The reasonable and considerate management with non-renewable resources is of high priority as well.

The economical resources part highlights the importance to maintain a proper level of self-determination in economic policy decisions. The objective is the selective growth of financial capital, replacement of amortization of community capital goods.

An important task is to strengthen entrepreneurial capital and innovation, expanding employment, strengthening the entrepreneurial layer, domestic gradually increasing capital investments and reducing the foreign exposure.

In the field of maintaining and enhancing national resources the Framework Strategy is developed by families and citizens as well as businesses responsibilities, recommendations of small communities, civil organizations and religious communities, as well as in detail defines the tasks of national and local government.

There is a regulation to prepare Progress (monitoring) report of the NFSSD implementation in every two years. Two biennial report were made in 2015 and in 2017. Several participants (NCSD, Ministry of Agriculture, NGOs, other stakeholders) are contributing to the review process.

The goals and targets of Agenda 2030 are integrated to the NFSSD. The 2nd Annex of the biennial Progress reports of the NFSSD are reporting about the linkages between SDG’s and national goals (2015 Progress report) and the level of implementation (2017 and forthcoming Progress reports).