NFFT Secretariat

NFFT’s Secretariat

The National Council for Sustainable Development (NFFT)  is assisted by the Secretariat. NFFT’s functioning and operational activities are supported a Secretariat with a staff of five. The Secretariat is based at the Office of the National Assembly. The head of this organisational unit is the secretary proposed by the Council’s president and confirmed by vote by the Council’s members. The person appointed by the Council for this position is required to have extensive scientific or administrative experience in one of the areas of sustainability.  The first secretary of the Council was Erzsébet Schmuck. Since December 2010, this position has been held by Gábor Bartus, professor at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

The contact point for NFFT is the Secretariat which manages the Council’s governmental, social and international relations, arranges the Council’s plenary sessions and the meetings of the working groups, organises NFFT’s conferences and other events, draws up the Council’s statements, writes the monitoring report of the National Framework Strategy on Sustainable Development and supports the work of the Council’s members.

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