Working Committees

 NFFT’s Working Committees

The work of the National Council for Sustainable Development (NFFT) is supported by the working committees consisting of NFFT’s members. The Council is entitled to establish these working committees and to appoint their chairperson. The working committees perform the professional review of NFFT’s matters, provide professional opinion on certain issues and make proposals regarding areas relevant for NFFT. Depending on NFFT’s ongoing responsibilities, the number and the scope of the working committees varies.  The working committees operate based on independently adopted work plans. Currently, the following working committees are active:

Professional Coordination Working Committee

The members of the Professional Coordination Working Committee represent the various sub-fields of the sustainable development concept. NFFT’s members attend the meetings of the working committee ex officio together with experts invited to discuss special topics. The role of this working committee is to communicate the latest achievements in science and the position of Hungary’s professional community to NFFT. It urges the correctly formulated definition and objectives of sustainable development to be applied in line with their importance. The working committee played a key part in the development of the concept of the National Framework Strategy on Sustainable Development, in the determination of its objectives and in monitoring its progress. It pays special attention to scientific theories and concepts which may promote a sustainable society in Hungary.

Strategic Working Committee

The task of the Strategic Working Committee is to communicate the latest achievements in science to the Council, to promote the correct definition of sustainable development and to raise awareness concerning its significance.  Within the Council, the Strategic Working Committee was responsible for the creation of the concept of the National Framework Strategy on Sustainable Development and for the determination of strategic objectives.  Additionally, the Working Committee pays special attention to the discussion of scientific theories promoting the sustainability of our socio-economic system.

Climate Working Committee

The goal of the working committee made up of governmental, scientific and civil organisation experts is to assist the National Council for Sustainable Development with suggestions in the area of climate change in harmony with the principle of sustainable development.

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