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NFFT Board Meeting


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Every generation needs human resources: knowledgeable and skilful individuals in appropriate quantity and in good health. Society cannot afford to lose the skills of the disadvantaged groups. Although there is no relevant statistical data, economic value of the human capital likely exceeded that of the material capital around the turn of the millennium, rendering humans the most important resources of the nation.


NFFT’s Professional Coordination Working Committee holds online workshop session

The next workshop session of NFFT focused on the domestic planning of the EU’s recovery and resilience facility (RRF). The keynote speech was delivered by dr. Szabolcs Ágostházy, minister of state for the use of EU funds of the Prime Minister’s Office who presented the strategic efforts in the use of EU funds to the members of NFFT in full detail. What does this multi-year financial timeframe mean for Hungary? The 2021-2027 period is set to pursue the most robust ever green and digital transition, which will improve the region’s global competitiveness.

Hungary has defined a highly ambitious goal for 2021-2027 intending to be in the top five most liveable countries in the EU by 2030 through the development of the economy, competitiveness, the infrastructure and the creation of new jobs. Bertalan Balczó said that the first version of Hungary’s national recovery and resilience plan was submitted to the European Commission last November while the public participation process related to the draft plan began on the pályá website in December.

The discussion after the speech focused mainly on the development of the health care infrastructure, the preservation of biodiversity and habitat restoration.

The next online workshop session of NFFT will be held in two weeks.


Nagy kép

Ecosystem services provided by natural resources are direct and indirect benefits for society, produced by natural and human-regulated ecosystems. Amongst the benefits are provisioning services (food, animal feed, raw material), natural cycle regulating services (climate stabilization, pollination, flood control), supporting services (nutrient cycling, soil formation), and cultural services (recreation, education, art inspiration).

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Nagy kép
The basis of a society’s material growth is economic resources: physical capital, financial capital as storage and transmitter of value, technological knowledge in the form of intellectual property and know-how, and built environment. Entrepreneurs become the cornerstones of sustainable development by discovering the unexploited forms of value creation and managing the utilization of the majority of human, natural and human-created physical resources.



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Moral norms and values, relationships and trust between individuals, as well as organizations, institutions, cultural activities and cultural heritage make up the social resources of a nation. Social capital is the result of historical development, therefore its quality is largely determined by the relation of individuals and organizations to the crucial stages of this development (national history), as well as to the intellectual and material recollections (cultural heritage).